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I love ideas. The wilder the better.

Kristina Libby is a storyteller.

She has served as a Chief Science Officer, a Chief Marketing Officer, and a member of various leadership teams across new and emerging technology companies, B2C brands, and start-ups. This work has led her to Microsoft, National Geographic, Shutterstock, 1-800-Flowers, Philips and many more.

Concurrently, her art was responsible for galvanizing forces behind the national efforts to create a national COVID-19 Memorial Day. Her works have been featured and reviewed in numerous publications (the New York Times, New York Post, ABC, NBC, PBS and more) and her pieces have been featured in museums and held in private collections. 

Libby's writing has appeared in Salon, the Boston Globe, New York Times, Popular Mechanics, Elle and numerous others. She writes personal essays, cultural criticism, and opinion pieces about issues she thinks you need to care about.

Most recently, she is piloting an immersive experience focused on improving child pediatric hospital experiences, writing a memoir about her brain injury and trying to capture forgotten memories in her paintings.

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