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My Writing. 

I write and edit frequently on a wide variety of topics and in a wide range of styles: fiction, memoir, essays, film and tv. 

The topics include finding meaning, innovation, emerging technology, travel, and a variety of personal essays on topics like intuition and connection. Sometimes these are serious and sometimes they are funny. Go figure. I don't like boxes. 

The most up to date listings of my writings can be found via MuckRack:

A few stories that highlight my writing style and way of thinking include:

  • The New Yorker, "The Pickleball Gangs of New York"

  • Salon,"Silicon Valley has been quietly selling ineffective tech "solutions" to police departments"

  • Popular Mechanics, "Giving Your FaceApp Selfie to Russians Is a Really Bad Idea" 

  • Boston Globe, "Trump’s US Space Command will bring Earth’s battlefields to the stars"

  • Apartment Therapy, "I Tried Everything to Buy a House as a Freelancer — Nothing Worked"

  • The Riveter, "My Brain was Damaged. Making Art Helped."

  • Fodor's, Why Hiking the World’s Most Dangerous Volcano Should Be on Your Post-COVID Bucket List 

  • The Future Starts Now (book)

Occasionally I appear on TV or podcasts to speak about my writing, work and ideas. 


I'm currently working on my first novel.


I've just finished Concussed, a memoir about how breaking my brain allowed me to fix my heart. 


I write personal essays and reported pieces on a wide range of topics.


I've recently completed a few comedic tv pilots with my writing partner and we are looking for a production partner. 

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