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Social conformity, the idea that we have to be who society tells us we should be, begins in children as young as six. (Sun and Yu, 2016) Social conformity has benefits but it can also have long term drawbacks primarily related to the ability of adults to create novel and unique solutions to complex challenges. Conformity prizes uniformity, but variation creates innovation. (Uzzi, 2013) Encouraging children to embrace variation leads to more creativity, ingenuity and, ultimately, success individually and for society. 

Through public art, animation and stories, the Chunkos explore how to be themselves in a world that prizes conformity. And, utilizing science-backed research help children to utilize re-narration and imagination to create dynamic versions of themselves, even in the face of trauma. 

These sculptures are being piloted in hospitals where they can be used to improve the patient experience for children, and museums and hotels to improve the experience of visiting for children. Additional pilots are forthcoming. 

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The Pilots

The Chunkos are currently on track to  be piloted at two hospitals and two art museums. The intent of these installation pilots is to better understand how location restricted content can improve experiences for children. 

Following the hospital and museum installations, we may consider piloting the Chunkos in new capacities. 

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