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Executive Brand

Are you looking to make the next big move? Maybe you’re taking your day job and starting a side hustle. Maybe you want to get on that corporate board. Perhaps you want to raise $100M and start the next great medtech company. But, maybe you don’t know where to start?


I help executive leaders (C-Suite and one to two levels below!) to simplify their message, uplevel their roles and figure out how to grow a stronger presence in favor of creating opportunities for your next steps. 

Hourly Consultation

Designed as a review, check-in or tune-up, these sessions review what you are doing, where you can save time, effort and money, and how you might scale better, faster and more successfully. ​



This three and a half hour series is used to determine what an executive brand looks like for you. It starts with a comprehensive review of your goals, plans and tactics. Evaluates where you are and where you want to be and then offers tips, ideas and solutions to move from where you are to where you want to be. 


The Full Package

This ten hour series helps you to take your next big move, as together we::

  • Determine what an executive brand looks like for you. 

  • Create a plan for how to strategically scale your executive presence including who can help you and where your time is best spent. 

  • Remove roadblocks to success.


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