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Have You Met Your Soulmate?
What Happened?

The more I talk to people about my "soulmate" story the more I learn about love. And, let's be honest, love has always been confusing to me. But, I have been particularly confused by the whole idea of soulmates. 

On one hand, we have Hollywood's version of a soulmate: someone finds you, they are perfect, and everything works out. 

But, the more stories I hear, the more I have learned something different. Sometimes your relationship with your soulmate works out. And, sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes, your soulmate isn't even a romantic love. 

The real world version of soulmates is a lot more confusing than a romcom or a modern day romance led me to believe. 

I'm running a research project to gather, analyze, and share soulmate stories and turn those stories into a piece of art.  Can you help me?

Soulmate Research
Do you believe in soulmates?
Have you met your soulmate?
What sort of relationship was it?
Are you together?
How old were you?
Whats yor status?
Do you know why?
Are they also your soulmate?
Have you experienced multiple soulmates?
How soon did you believe they were your soulmate?
Did/does your soulmate believe in the idea of soulmates?
If your relationship was romantic, are you with someone new?
Of more than one type? (I.e. friendship and romantic)

All responses will be anonymized. 

Thank you for participating!

If you are interested in sharing more, I'm curious: 

Was there a time it worked out? What about the time it didn't?

Do you know your soulmate and you're still figuring it out?

Or, have you decided that it just isn't real? If you're willing to share more via email or interview, please let me know by filling in the contact form below. 



Soulmate Story Interview
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